Located in the beautiful Lido Marina Village, STYLE 2020 is a small collective of personal style and image consultants.

Let your own STYLE 2020 personal stylist shop to find you the perfect outfits to match your busy lifestyle. Even if you just need to "up your game," we can help you look your best every day for every event or occasion.

Do you need that perfect accessory to pull your outfit together? Your personal stylist will find it and deliver to you post haste!

Call us now to have your personal stylist start making your days less hectic and save you time to focus on other important aspects of your life.

If you enjoy shopping, take your personal stylist along with you to get that expert advice and opinion. Your stylist knows what works for you and can guide you to making the right choices to complete your purchase.

“My stylist is a treasure! I don’t have time to search for the perfect dress - she knows what I like and what works for ME!
My stylist keeps me looking fabulous!”

Marina M., Magazine Editor, Laguna Beach